Travis Grant & Steve West chat – talking story and all things paddle sports

Main pic: APP World Tour

Ahead of the recent London SUP Open APP World Tour event, that took place on the Thames, SUPM’s editor sat down for an off the cuff chat with two of paddle sports’ well respected athletes. Australian Travis Grant is often described as one of the nicest paddlers in the sport and regularly among podium finishers at some of world’s toughest races. Steve West meanwhile is a respected connoisseur of paddling technique and no stranger to success himself. Both have known one another for considerable time, which you can tell after watching the vid.

Covering everything from giving and receiving respect; Molokai experiences; SUP design; outrigger canoe paddling; coaching; career longevity; having kids and Hawaiian sailing canoe fun it’s a long vid but chock full of insight, knowledge and titbits to soak up, absorb and put to good use.

Grab a cuppa, take up a pew and watch in one go or in parts. You’ll be glad you did. (Note: volume should be turned up).

Big thanks to Travis and Steve for taking time out from their busy schedules to talk with SUP.


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