Wash away that pong – Wetsuit Wash review

Ming be gone! Nobody likes a stinky wetty. Whether you choose the natural central heating method (a la piddling in your suit – eurgh!) or not, neoprene, over time, picks up all kinds of whiffs, dirt and general ming. Wetsuit Wash SUP Mag UK review At some point you’re going to need to exterminate those pongs. There’s no better solution available for than Wetsuit Wash. The team at Wetsuit Wash came up with their nifty solution after discovering other agents didn’t quite live up to claims. After a few months of intense R&D, mainly involving getting wet, rinsed (in the surf) and then cleaning suits, the final formulaic compound was hit upon.

Clinically tested in UK labs (read beaches) Wetsuit Wash rids your rubber of crust, muck and grime by using a natural glucoside surfactant. We’ve been using Wetsuit Wash during the winter and can happily testify it works a treat.

Not only does Wetsuit Wash deodorise and clean it also protects your wetty. It’s certainly more pleasant stepping into dry clean rubber – rather than the standard pissy wetsuits you tend to see lying in paddlers vans.


Ridding yourself of pongy/wiffy neoprene 100% is now easy to achieve. A bottle of Wetsuit Wash will cleanse, clean, purify, deodorise and protect your rubber after a few simple rinses. Wetsuit Wash should be in all paddlers’ kit boxes – especially if you’re prone to relieving yourself in between waves!

Price: £4.95

Info: wetsuitwash.com

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