Wave SUPs 11’ x 33” x 6” PRO SUP

Whilst it certainly fits the touring SUP brief, there’s plenty of additional versatility depending on your wants and needs.

Words & photos: Tez Plavenieks

Another new brand to the pages of SUP Mag UK Wave SUPs delivered their 11 PRO touring inflatable stand up paddle board for review, and I couldn’t wait for a spin. Wave SUPs target more advanced riders with this board, stating it’s for ‘paddlers wishing to up their paddle game’. The brand also says it has all the bells and whistles you need for successful SUP adventures, regardless of how hardcore or mellow they may be.

As soon as you lay hands on the 11”, you can tell that it’s been manufactured with durability in mind. There’s plenty of reinforcing that adds robustness. This means it’ll withstand a fair bit of abuse and shrug off knocks and bangs with no problem. Even being an inflatable – which is much less prone to damage than hard shell SUP – this should be peace of mind for riders venturing into areas where minor collisions may be inevitable. Think rocky coastlines and such.

The 11’ PRO has a flat deck and minimal rocker. Loading up the board with adventure SUP essentials is a doddle. I tested this when paddling around with two small passengers aboard. It’s an iSUP that doesn’t deflect too much, tracks well, and glides efficiently. Even when carrying gear (or kids!). 

Stability is also great. If you’re a stand-up paddler stepping up from an all-round SUP, the Wave SUPs 11’ is a big confidence builder. The stability lends it to rougher waters that it takes on and beats hands down. Unlike many iSUPs, this one does not feel too lively. Instead, you get a planted ride fit for all waters.

There are plenty of D-rings and handles for moving should riders feel the need. Also, when needing to haul the board into shore, those handles help plenty. 

Away from adventuring and paddling correctly, the Wave SUPs 11’ PRO tourer does make a decent family board for all kinds of mucking about on the water. My family and I used it in various ways and found it perfectly applicable for general wet fun. It also doubled as a support craft during dinghy sailing sessions!

The Wave SUPs 11’ PRO touring inflatable paddle board is fulfilling to use across multiple applications. Whilst it certainly fits the touring SUP brief, there’s plenty of additional versatility depending on your wants and needs. The tough construction will ensure longevity whilst actual paddling performance is dependable and solid.
Price: £369.99
Info: https://wavesupboards.com/products/wave-pro-sup-stand-up-paddleboard-wave-sup-boards-uk-navy

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