Werner Carve S paddle review


Review by Anne Egan

I eagerly awaited this paddle as it had been sized especially for my height (5’1”) and it was only the second female specific paddle I have used. In Steve West’s book (The SUP Bible) I read how absolutely vital it is to spend, right from the start, and buy a really high quality paddle. I totally agree!

The words Werner, paddle and quality are all synonymous. So no surprises then that this paddle was so pleasing to use. The moulded grip sat very comfortably in my hand, the reduced diameter shaft made it easy to hold and transfer the paddle hand to hand.

The blade shape of the Carve S was very different from other carbon paddles I’ve seen so far but sweeping it through the water I felt the propulsion it gave me was just what I needed. The manufacturer describes it as a longer rectangular, slender blade with a gentle catch that is easier on the body. I certainly felt this was the case. It is beautifully light, and the differences between a cheaper composite paddle are huge.

It’s lightweight feel is for me the winner. You get less strain placed on arms and shoulders so movements become fluid and fatigue is less. After a short time paddling feels automatic and so natural, as if the Curve S was an actual extension of my body and not like a separate entity – the way it should be.

For smaller boned individuals and/or women we can’t fault the Werner Carve S paddle. A joy to use with less strain on the body the Carve S will see you spending more time on the water, maximising your efficiency when out for a float, while reducing the risk of SUP related injury. Having only really used all round paddles it was nice to get my hands on something female specific – therefore hats off to Werner for going down this route.

Also available with M and F size blades.


Carve 1pc S-M-F * 199.99
Carve 2pc ADJ S-M-F 239.99
Carve 3pc ADJ S-M-F 249.99
No extra charge for Small FIT shaft.

More info: www.wernerpaddles.com

Werner Carve S paddle

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