When you gotta go – Hamboards Classic land surf journeying

Tim Norris penned a review of Hamboards’ Classic a few months ago (read it here) and we’ve been gagging for another crack at it ever since. We recently busted the beast out for a bit of land paddle surf journeying. A chance to carve some lines while eating up a few miles – with the surf flat and thermometer readings low, what could be better?

Hamboards Classic

Hamboards Classic SUPM on the beach

As Jack Frost bites winter’s the perfect time to get stuck in and refine that SUP muscle memory for your next bout of watery antics. Land paddling is also great for those who can’t access the brine as much as they’d like. With the Classic’s ample room for fancy footwork (not that we’re experts at it) and options for getting toes over it’s a cracking tool for longboard stylistas to get in the groove. And let’s not forget the carving potential of the Classic. With super critical turns possible it’s a joy to crank a full rail turn, even when on the way to point B – popping to the shops never looked so cool.

We’ll not lie, the Classic is a big boy and those quality trucks and wheels do add weight to an already sizeable bit of kit. This does translate to momentum, however, which is great across the flat. A few paddle strokes is all that’s needed to shift this baby forwards. With nothing but smooth surfaces in sight it just keeps on rollin’.

For this particular sesh we combined the Hamboard Classic with Shoreham Beach Land Paddle’s paddle stick. Normally we reserve this tool for our more flicky/tricky/rampy sessions. In this instance it made the perfect companion, however, and allows for some nifty directional changes and rail to rail sweeps.


If you’re looking for a land paddle touring deck that’s reflective of that sunny Cali surf vibe then search no further. An applicable toy for brightening winter’s gloom Hamboards’ Classic is a great distance vehicle while being manoeuvrable enough for those with street surf nose riding urges.

Carving the Hamboards Classic SUPM

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