Zhik Womens Ola 3/2mm Steamer wetsuit

Zhik is renowned for its high-quality wetsuits, and this wetsuit is just that.

Words & photos: Jessica Ashley EoEPS

When it arrived, my first impression of this wetsuit was, “Wow! What a pretty wetsuit.” The tiny detail of the waves on the upper body is just beautiful, and I love the colour.

I find wetsuits vary in fit, and it can often be difficult to find one that fits well. As a 5ft3 and slightly curvy-shaped woman, wetsuits are either too long or too tight in certain places, so I was thrilled when I put this wetsuit on; not only did it fit perfectly, but it was also so flattering when it was on.

This wetsuit has a double seal neck collar with a front zipper, which will prevent the water from entering the suit, and the quick dry fleece on the inside means this wetsuit will keep me warm whilst out, on or in the water. It even has water-shedding smooth skin on the chest, which will give me additional warmth and protection from the wind, which I am sure I will be highly appreciative of when I am out doing wind sports or any watersports where I know I will spend a lot of time in the water.

This wetsuit is designed to have minimal seams, which means it is super comfortable when it is on, and there has not been any irritation or discomfort. With the various watersports that I participate in, this is extremely important as I would want a wetsuit that is suited to every sport and does not have any areas where it can cause any chaffing, which with previous wetsuits I have had. This wetsuit has raw edge cuffs, which reduces the chance of chaffing, which is perfect.

Overall, I love this wetsuit! The colour, the design and the fit are everything I would want in a wetsuit. Zhik is renowned for its high-quality wetsuits, and this wetsuit is just that. It’s well worth the investment to get a good quality wetsuit if it means comfort and warmth, and it is an added bonus of it being a beautiful design rather than just a boring black wetsuit!

Price: £289.00

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