Because you’re never too old to start SUP!

Jo Moseley, a paddleboarding author, inspired members of the Elm Tree and Fairfield Women’s Institute to try stand-up paddleboarding, proving it’s never too late to start a new activity.

Jo Moseley

Jo Moseley

Hello, my name is Jo Moseley, and I am the author of Stand Up Paddleboarding in Great Britain – Beautiful Places to Paddleboard in England, Scotland and Wales and host of The Joy of SUP – The Paddleboarding Sunshine Podcast. I am also a proud ambassador for the 2 Minute Foundation and Seaful Charity.  

Photo: Tees Active

A few weeks ago, I heard some news that made me smile and showed that you are never too old to start your SUP journey. 

I received an email from Christine Bell, President of the Elm Tree and Fairfield Women’s Institute in Stockton on Tees. I had given a talk to the lovely members earlier in the year about my coast-to-coast and writing my first book, Stand Up Paddleboarding in Great Britain. Christine told me that afterwards, some of the members had decided that they wanted to have a go at SUP and booked a session through Tees Active.

Tees Active
Tees Active are passionate about the power of physical activity and believe everyone should have equal opportunities to enjoy the health benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle. Their Tees Barrage Centre is based on the River Tees between Stockton and Middlesborough. As a charitable trust, they offered the WI an excellent price for the eight women to participate. 

The great news is they thoroughly enjoyed it!

Two of the members that took part were 83 and 81 years old. The youngest in the group was 63. As well as having a great day, they were interviewed by BBC Radio Tees. Here is how they described their day. Christine, “I’m excited but nervous. But if you don’t give it a go, you won’t know. I should have done these 40 years ago, but I’m doing them now so I don’t miss out forever.” Maureen, 78, “At this age, anything is possible.” Julie, 67, “Why not give it a go! I’m nervous and excited.” Others said, “Be open to trying new things. Move it or lose it!” “We have only been on it for a few minutes and feel great!” and “It was very peaceful!” 

This shows that you are never too old to try paddleboarding. What do you think?

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