SUP accessory reviews

It’s not just boards and paddles you’ll need for your journey through SUP. Accessories play an important part and here we gather together the creme de la creme of stand up paddle boarding accessories available. Check out the write ups for all that additional stand up paddle goodness.

Double trouble: two foil flight overview

I’ve spent considerable time with two foils with Slingshot’s Hover Glide Infinity 99 2371cm2 and F4 Foils’ Lightwind 2000cm2. Both low aspect foils these puppies allow progression whilst building confidence.. [...]

Glide style – Mistral 4/3mm wetsuit

Review: Tez Plavenieks I’ve tested/demoed a lot of wetsuits over the years – some truly great, others not so much. I’m fact, some if the heftier priced suits I’ve us [...]