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SUP: The Rapa Nui Experience

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Emmanuel Bouvet and Carine Camboulives are glad to present their latest documentary ‘The Rapa Nui Experience’ shot on the most isolated land on earth. For the last 20 [...]

DO NOT APPROACH! (The Marshall Islands)


Words: Bernd Roediger Pics: Martin Daly – Epic Stock Media I was never a child gifted with brilliance… I’m not proud of that, but it’s a fact. I shouldn’t start [...]

Bangkok, Bali and back


Bangkok to Bali
By Joe Bishop It was a wet and miserable London day when Starboard called. They told me about two new prototype SUP surfboards, one of which is a pretty radical design named [...]

Tahiti to go


Tahiti by Mat Fouliard
By Mat Fouliard Pics: Spikyshots Mat Fouliard lives an idyllic life with his girlfriend Amandina on the Pacific island of Tahiti. Yet scoring amazing sessions, as hard as it [...]