Inflatable SUP reviews

Inflatable stand up paddle boards are an ever popular choice for SUPers and we’ve had the opportunity to check out some of what’s available for UK stand ups. Here you’ll find our selection of iSUP reviews that’ll give you all that essential blow up SUP knowledge.

O’Shea GTR HPx 12’6 x 28” x 6” review


The O'Shea GTR HPx 12’6 inflatable SUP offers high performance for SUP racing and touring. Its top-tier construction ensures lightweight rigidity and efficiency, appealing to riders wanting a multipurpose, competitively priced paddleboard. [...]

Jobe Sena 11′ x 30″ x 240L review


The Jobe Sena 11' is a compact, high-end inflatable paddle board ideal for manoeuvre-orientated riders. It balances glide and nimbleness, offers onboard storage, and performs well even in less-than-ideal conditions. [...]

Aqua Marina Hyper 12’6” x 32” x 6” iSUP 2023


The Aqua Marina Hyper iSUP is a high-quality inflatable paddleboard with a double chamber system for safety and an excellent build. It offers good speed, balance, and easy handling suitable for all levels of paddlers. Despite not being the cheapest, it delivers value through performance, versatility, and accessories. It is easily portable, fitting into a sponsored backpack with storage for other necessities. [...]