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Check out what’s happening in your SUP ‘hood. If you want to add your stand up paddle boarding event then give us a shout.

Big Ben Challenge


Big Ben Challenge
Sat 23rd Sept 2017 These events are unique opportunities to race and paddle on the Thames in Central London. To date fewer than 20 people have raced there and perhaps fewer [...]


The Neilson SUP Armada is just around the corner with still plenty of time to get involved. Sign up, it’s for everyone! Come and break a World Record and take part in [...]

Paddlers go FLURO for Wave Project!

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Hundreds of paddlers in fluorescent fancy dress will be lighting up the UK’s lakes and waterways this summer to raise funds for children with mental health issues. Paddle [...]

SUP Plastic Ocean Festival


Plastic Ocean Festival
The first event took place on Sat April 22nd, hosted and sponsored by Paddington Central. Turnout was great with the small auditorium filled for the screening and every [...]