Red Paddle Co go lighter, stiffer, better with MSL Fusion technology

Red Paddle Co are introducing an entirely new approach to the traditional inflatable construction for 2016. It radically changes the experience you have with a Red Paddle Co inflatable stand up paddle boards – for the better. It’s made possible by our new MSL Fusion Technology – the next generation of Dropstitch construction.

REd Paddle Co MSL Fusion

The MSL manufacturing system automates the process of gluing a reinforced second layer sheet to the Dropstitch core. This allows us to control the amount of material and adhesive that is used. This process reduces the weight of the boards by up to 2kgs/4.4lbs while not reducing the stiffness of the board – a first in inflatable construction. The automated process also removes many of the human error factors often found in hand made products, giving a more refined cosmetic finish. 2016 Red Paddle Co boards roll up smaller and are therefore even easier to pack up and travel with.
The 2016 Red Paddle Co range is the next chapter in our journey and we can’t wait to share it with you……

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