A life of… – Mistral Heritage Adventure 40th Anniversary 11’5 x 32” x 6” iSUP review

Mistral designed the Heritage 40th Anniversary 11’5 to commemorate the brand’s long time existence as a rudimentary watersports brand. Liveried up with iconic graphics it’s an eye catching inflatable touring board that’s fit for all waters.

Light to carry, super durable it’s a good example of what premium brands are doing as far as touring SUP blow ups go. That said you’re not simply limited to flat water sojourns and overnighters on the river.

Once atop the Mistral Adventure you’re instantly aware of the board’s manoeuvrability. As we’ve stated in other reviews some air boards sit lower than others but all float on top as opposed to in the drink. Reactive is therefore an apt word for the 11’5.

32” width helps with stability but paddlers will need to find the paddling sweet spot and remain there – especially in frothy/choppy conditions (unless pivot turning of course). It cuts through flotsam without any issue and if you know anything about the Mistral brand you’ll understand why the board’s bump running prowess is such. Coming back DW is sublime and it’ll give riders a real taste of what downwind SUP is all about.

There’s also scope to surf a few small waves aboard the Adventure with deflection (the board’s mid-point bend) being towards the minimum end of the scale. Rigidity is an often laboured point when discussing iSUPs so it’s nice to know the Mistral Adventure has no issues in this dept.

Back in touring mode and you can load up the 11’5 to a decent level with essentials. It’s then off on your journey wherever that may take you. Bungee lashing is available both fore and aft meaning paddlers can get a balanced load and not upset the Adventure’s performance too much.


Mistral’s Heritage Adventure 11’5 is a well manufactured inflatable touring board that fits many different scenarios. From small waves to proper touring you get a lot of bang for buck with this one and therefore it’s a good board to celebrate the iconic brand’s 40th Anniversary.

Price: £799

Info: https://shop.mistral.com/collections/sup-boards/products/copy-of-adventure-11-5


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