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August 2021 issue 30
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Our BIG 3-0 extended issue
Stateside chat-Kristin Thomas; GBSUP-Sarah Thornely; Interview Cal Major; WW conversations with Beth Kirby & Julie Vigor; Interview with Steve & Mandy West part 2; SUP polo-Sarah Thornely; SUP surfing2; Core Flow-Sonya Brotherton; Cork’s eco SUP warrior-Dave Ludgate; Club focus: The SUP Club; Behind the lens-Oli Lane-Peirce; Paddling efficiency-Scott Warren; Young gun-James Little; Pole to pole Germany-Michael Walther; Behind the brand-Sandy Point Chandlery & Turtle Bay Paddleboards

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June 2021 issue 29
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Summer sizzler extended issue
Supjunkie reporting; Interview with…Mandy & Steve West; Brain injury-Clare Rutter; SUP surfing; Resurrection of Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co; Baby on board-Sarah Schöke; The ‘staycation’ boom; Thames coaching-Paul Hyman; SUP community support-British Canoeing; Scandi SUP-Chris Jones; WW conversations with Lisa Boore/Charlotte Louise; Footwork skills-Scott Warren; Jo Moseley chat-Sarah Thornely; Mountain lakes-Thomas Oschwald; Trent 100-Sarah Thornely; Behind the brand-Steve West & Mistral

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October 2020 issue 27
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Women in SUP: extended issue
Cal Major, Sarah Thornely, Anni Ridsdill-Smith, Elaine Farquharson, SUP Becks, She SUPs, Becky Dickinson, Vikki Weston, Samantha Rutt, Carolyn Smith, Tamsin Woodland, Ginnie Betts, Tez Plavenieks, Adam Sims, Darren Farrar, Dale Mears

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August 2020 issue 26
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Jordan Wylie interview: of The Great British Paddle 2020 By Sarah Thornely; Old Harry Rocks – Me old mate Harry; Tuning in to SUPfm; India Pearson #ShePaddles Q&A; SUPM’s 101 foiling guide; Fit & healthy: Focus on shoulders; Corran Addison’s intro for kids; Maya Persson Q&A natter; SUP therapy; Kent Surf School, reviews and much more…

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2021 season opener… Q&A; Ocean Specific – Behind the brand; SUP leashes – British Canoeing; GBSUP ’21 preview; The Gower Peninsula – Stuart Gammon; Jersey Girls-Verity Thomas; Fly life with…Ben Felton; WW conversations-Emma Love; Wild about SUP-Sarah Perkins; Piotr Kadziela-Behind the brand; Unlocking potential-Anni Ridsdill Smith; Night paddling-Tez Plavenieks; Coastal leadershipElaine Farquharson; plus size paddler #PaddleKitHerWay; Going prone – James Fletcher;

Women in SUP: extended issue
Cal Major, Sarah Thornely, Anni Ridsdill-Smith, Elaine Farquharson, SUP Becks, She SUPs, Becky Dickinson, Vikki Weston, Samantha Rutt, Carolyn Smith, Tamsin Woodland, Ginnie Betts, Tez Plavenieks, Adam Sims, Darren Farrar, Dale Mears

Jordan Wylie interview: of The Great British Paddle 2020 By Sarah Thornely; Old Harry Rocks – Me old mate Harry; Tuning in to SUPfm; India Pearson #ShePaddles Q&A; SUPM’s 101 foiling guide; Fit & healthy: Focus on shoulders; Corran Addison’s intro for kids; Maya Persson Q&A natter; SUP therapy; Kent Surf School, reviews and much more…

Lamenting lockdown: Casper and Ryan giving the lowdown on how lockdown affected them both personally, mentally and competitively; Hannah Louise Garber; Mallorcan lockdown experiences; McConks: Pandemic stream of consciousness; Lockdown in With Cavebelly; Hypr Hawaii UK COVID Q&A; Much more & Tested! Hardware and accessory reviews to enhance your SUP life

Interview Ryan James-Sarah Thornely; Morene Dekker’s Amsterdam; Profile Stephan Lefevre; Doctor’s note-Rob Wood; Maldive’s compact travels-Mark Rose; Shannon eco-trip-William Bossman; The Lake District-Rachel Towe; Tahiti-Jill Hall; NYC-Piotr Kadziela; Zante-Sophie Mathews; SUP and Monk Seals-Genevieve Leaper; Gear Shed

Old sport… New sport-Andrea Richardson & Sarah Thornely; Oslo-Dirk Herpel; Club profile SUPer Whale; Jurassic coast-Elaine Farquharson; Behind the brand Daddyboard; The Yukon-Sarah Thornely; Corinth Canal-Brian Johncey; Tony Bain profile; Indonesia-Gareth Grant; Leashes on rivers-Corran Addison; Lifestyle-Tez Plavenieks; Behind the brand Hypr; Wings #2-Nick Kingston.

The bicycle of water-Corran Addison; Fit for the wave by Pauline and Dirk Herpel; The salt life-Mark Salter interview; SUP neck syndrome-Elaine Farquharson; Acceptance with Real Surfing’s Steve Halpin; Team Pye-Sarah Thornely of Supjunkie; Fighting plastic-Paul Hyman; Paddling the strait-Gibraltar-James Gracia; 10 lakes in 10 days-Julia Kaffka and Anja Mörk; Gear Shed

Art of balance-Corran Addison; Italy, Slovenia and Croatia-Anja Mörk; Paddle Round The Pier with Rob Pelling & Hannah Hampshire; Interview-Brian Johncey; Avoiding back pain-Elaine Farquharson; Prone paddling-Tez Plavenieks; Laos-Mark Rose; Mallorca-Phil Plume; Coastal living-Tez Plavenieks; Profile-Emma Haylock; This is SUP-Michael Lenane; Using action cams

Stand Up For Our Seas-Cal Major; Spirit of Hurley-Andy McConkey; Interview: Cazz Lander; Gibraltar-Tom Cawthorn; Five minutes with women-Supjunkie; SUP artist Paddy Martin; The GlaGla-Scott ‘Skip’ Innes; Behind the brand: Damian Scott; GBSUP National Series-Eugenie Verney; Safety at sea for SUPers; Active 360’s Paul Hyman; Dare to be different-Tony Bain; Gear Shed

Interview Lizzie Carr; London Crossing race; Interview Kai Lenny; Croatia-Jenny McConkey;  Chats with Sarah Thornely, Heidi Jabbari and Photographer Claire Glasby; SUP-X-Tony Marsh; Westward Ho!; 3 on 3 Challenges; Behind the brand Aqua Inc; Vancouver-Aya Kristina Engel; Surfing-Tez Plavenieks; 11 City Tour-Crispin Jones; Interview-Paul Hyman; Balance-Tony Bain

Interview Connor Baxter; Frisian Islands-Tobias Hatje; Teaching kids-Tez Plavenieks; Mallorca; Bradshaw’s SUP adventure; French waterfalls-Gautier Boudat; Interview: Sam Green; The Thames-Richard Patey; Andrea Richardson; First iSUP-Tez Plavenieks; Behind the brand McConk’s; Pack to paddle-Tony Bain; Interview: Phil May; Goals of Ben Moreham

Ollie Laddiman Interview; Central America-S Demercastel; Behind the lens: CE Photo; Hamburg SUP; SUP safety-Kirstie Edwards; Majorca-Jan Edwards; Conquering waves-Mike Lenane; Behind the brand FatStick; C.L.A.P-Tony Bain; Tandem day tripper-Joe Thwaites; Charlie Head’s IOW campaign; Big Ben to the Black Sea-Mark Hines; SW England-Sophie Mathews

McConks commentary; First foil flight tips-Matt Barker-Smith; Bill Bailey interview; Scotland-Steve Williams; Behind the brand-Redwoodpaddle’s Chris Defrance; Iceland-Manuela Jungo; Anglesey-Roger Chandler; Arctic SUP-Kari Schibevaag; SUPing from a tallship-Paul Hyman; Profile-Mike Owens; Interview-Erik Antonson; SUP knowledge-Tony Bain; SHAC attack-Scott Innes; Wilderness women-Helen Percival

Dyer needs-Bryce Dyer; Norway-Robert Carroll; SUPhilosophy-Dave Adams; Swedish SUP-Chris Jones; Cornwall-Matt Button; Bizzle’s rant-Joe Thwaites; Hebrides-Ian Cormack; Costa Rica-S. Demercastel; Paddling with behemoths-Trevor Goodman; SUP travel-Andy Warner; Venice-Mark Rose; Big Ben Challenge; Lake Garda-Valentin Illichmann; SUP knowledge-Tony Bain; Twin ambition Chris MacDonald; Trent 100-Sarah Thornely

Dyer needs with…Bryce Dyer; The Needles-Jason Swain; SUPhilosophy-Dave Adams; Paddling the Bora-Simon Winkley; Ibiza and Formentera; Bizzle’s rant with-Joe Thwaites; Entering comps-Nicky Bowden; SUP and OC-Steve Carter; Scotland SUPing-Sarah Longhurst. Downwind-David ‘Tids’ Tidball. Croatian SUP-Marko Malik; SUP knowledge-Tony Bain; Shaping-Rich Heathcote; Clean sweep-Will Satch; Behind the brand SBS

Antarctic SUPing-Meghan Roberts; SUP yoga- -Emma Wall; lorida’s Gulf Coast-Peter Tranter; Return to ‘Nam-Mark Rose; Back to the 80s-Sylvain Demercstel; Lady of Avenel SUP-Paul Hyman; Airton Cozzolino profile; PFD use-Tony Bain; Training for SUP -Bruce Dyer; Moroccan vibes-Dave Adams; Behind the brand Svein Rasmussen; Wild education-Joan McFadden; SUP pro – Vinni Martins-Axel Reece

FijiISA World SUP Champs-Alex Murray; Behind the brand-Fanatic; Whales in winter-Kari Shiebvaag; Stand up pensioners-Martin Barlow; Malta-The SUP project-Sonja Jones; SUP tips and tricks-Tony Bain; Team STAxford-Tim Axford; Longboard SUP surfing-Al Reed; Brazil De Contas WW SUP-Mario Stecher; The Magnificent Seven-Ian Cormack; Neil Craig-A brief history of my surfing life;

Behind the brand-Loco’s Joe Thwaites; Bermuda-Simon Winkley; Workout on water-SUP Fit; Paddle against plastic-Cal Major; Swiss mountain lakes-Thomas Oschwald; 11 Cities Tour-Wilma Zwikker-Killgallon and Siri Schubert; Interview-Ben Pye; Surf Snowdonia; Corsica; Tahiti encounters Italy-Mathieu Foilard; BSUPA Watergate Bay finale; Loco comparison-Amigo and Aztec

SUP Armada; SUPing the River Stour by Dave White; Fran Blake in the spotlight; Jurassic jaunts by Dave Adams; Lebanon by Sarah Hebert; Georgia Wharton interview; Chasewater SUP Club profile; John Hibbard of Red Paddle co; Tati CoCo explores Andalucía; Ben Payne talking WW SUP; The Acheron Delta by Tez Plavenieks; SUP yoga in Salford; South coast adventure from Neptune SUPs

Battle of the Thames; Hawaii to Cali by Jo Hamilton-Vale; Ollie Shilston in the spotlight; Secrets of Cardiff by Dave White; Scottish SUP adventures by Si Dunton; Wet ‘N’ Dry club profile; Travelling with SUP kit; German Lake District by Dirk Herpel; Humbugs and atolls by Pete Cockill’s; Plume family 2o questions; Louis Kirchall’s newbie race insights; Mallorca touring by Dean Dunbar; Naish N1sco series by Bruce Dyer

SUP freediving in Maldives – Fernando Stalla; Slovenia – Marko Senegacnik; wave riding – Flo Jung; SUP polo BBC breakfast take a look; Surf Steps – Andy Joyce; SUPing the Clyde – Ian Cormack; SUP Vietnam – Mark Rose; Ireland – Doug Paton; 20 questions – the Sawyer family; SUP racing – Dr Bruce Dyer; Watermen in arms – Jeroen Aerts; Loch Awesome – Dean Dunbar

SUP & Biarritz – Alan Taylor; Norfolk SUP Club profile; Interview – Chris ‘Guts’ Griffiths; Discovering Cádiz – Sarah Herbert and Maria Andrés; Wake SUP surfing – Peter Cockill; Marshall Islands – Bernd Roediger; Dad and lad – Steve and Ollie Laddiman; A day at Surf Snowdonia by Anne Egan; Interview – Casper Steinfath; Young gun – Drew Lees; River Célè and Lot – Stephen Hale

Gear Shed – Flat water board special; Race training – Glen Phipps; Norfolk Broad Classic; Interview with…Phil May; 11 Cities – Paul Ellis; Sardinia SUP – Paul Hyman; Bangkok, Bali and back – Joe Bishop; RiverSUP – Tez Plavenieks; Shetland Isles – Christopher & Annagail Leaman; Hamble action with Drew Wood; Emergence of SUP in Vassiliki, Greece; Interview with…Peter Kosinski

Interviews with Joe Morley, Joe Bishop, Tina Beresford and JSUP Manning; Inflation Day; Want to be an SUP coach – Ben Longhurst; SUP fly fishing – Sean Jansen; Cornwall SUP – Chris Kenyon; Fuerte Life – Lucy Robson; Fuerteventura tourist – Kai-Nicolas Steimer; Tahiti to go – Mat Fouliard; Classroom to canal – Brian Cadwallader; Algarve SUP – Tim Hadler; The business of SUP – Nick Robinson

Interviews: Jo Hamilton-Vale & Marie Buchanan; SUP Yoga – Gerry Broom; Loco SUP on tour – Joe Thwaites; First surfing strokes – Rob Small; Lovin’ life in Lanza – Tez Plavenieks; Blind man at play – Dean Dunbar; Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation; The mental bonuses of SUP – Simon Hutchinson; Mind of the Inland SUP surfer – Chris Kenyon; India dreaming – Manu Bouvet; Doggy style – Clare Poyser

NWF14. BSUPA SUP Surf Champs preview. Ecover Blue Mile. Round Sheppy Isle race. Standup for the Cure. Naish N1SCO WC. Grand Union Challenge. 60 seconds with… Jock Paterson. Rapid Fire interview with Ryan James. To windSUP or not? Mini Guide – Cardiff. Hidden treasures of Mauritius. Paddling blind. Paddling pregnant. Club profile – Blue Chip SUPer Club. Manchester SUP. Birmingham SUP

Beginning your SUP journey-Tez Plavenieks. Confessions of a kayaker-Tom Pattison. Wild and wonderful-Dave Adams. Counter intuitiveness for the instructor-Steve West. Maldives magic-Jan Sleigh. Mini guides Crantock Bay, Llangennith; Chichester Canal. Interview Rob Small; SUP racing-Sonny Erdelyi. Brittany, France-Pierre Bouras. Parkinsons-What Parkinsons-Stan Wheeler. Nick Watt interview

Inland SUP adventures – Chris Kenyon; River SUP adventures – Dave Adams; 60 secs – Pete Holliday; Rapid fire – Jay Haysey; SUP: the next level featuring Aaron Rowe, Holly Bassett and Ollie Laddiman; Lake Chilika, India, – Active360; The story of SUP in the Midlands. Grenada: Liquid sunshine SUP; White water wonderland – Brittany Parker; The Grill – Jason Pereira; Great Glen adventures – Scott Warren.