All round longboard style – Neptune 10ft Allrounder

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Here at SUP Mag UK we’re keen to lay our hands on new products – especially ones from fledgling brands such as Neptune SUP.  Their 10ft Allrounder has been getting a bit of attention in the world of social media and we wanted to check out what the fuss was about.

Coming in good looking bamboo veneer finish with black wrap around rails and deck, the 10ft is certainly distinctive. Designed for a mix of flat water and small/moderate waves, we were keen to get it wet.

Neptune 10ft AllrounderJumping on board, the Allrounder offers a stable ride with its full rounded nose rising just above coastal chop and flotsam. In a straight line it was fine at covering distance, although if this is your thing then check out the brand’s Race/Cruiser (also reviewed).

As much as the Neptune 10ft Allrounder is billed as ‘do it all’ we feel it’s actually kick ass as a nose riding longboard style surf SUP. Dropping into waist/shoulder high sets the Allrounder comes off the bottom smoothly and is happy being sent full chat into a crumbling lip.

During testing a number of other riders commented how similar it looked to a traditional longboard surfboard. And we concur – as much as the 10ft Neptune Allround is good on the flat, it’s a real treat once out in some moderate surf.

Neptune also offers a Pro version that comes with carbon rails and carbon honeycomb performance fins.

Neptune’s 10ft Allrounder is a stable yet lively platform capable of cruising around your local spot and checking out the coastline. However it really starts to shine once the waves turn on. Taking drops with ease, feeling loose from the tail, the 10fter loves a liquid wall and flatters those with a longboard paddle surf riding style. Good for beginner surfers or those looking for a moderate surf wave board.

Further info:

Prices: £549.00 (regardless of size) or £649.00 for the Pro version (+£100 more to include adjustable carbon paddle)

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