Aqua Marina Breeze 9’10” x 30” review

I was amazed about was how lightweight the board is; weighing 7.6kg made carrying it really easy for a small 60kg adult!

By Jessica Ashley EoEPS

My first impression of this board is that it’s wide and looks stable. I love the colour of the board, and the bungees look funky with the red and green wide straps! The additional red strap has been added to enable the rider to carry more kit. The board is 9’10” x 30”, an ideal all-rounder for a beginner paddler, and it feels stable and is easy to manoeuvre.  

The packaging was compact; however, I would have liked there to be less plastic, the majority of the packaging was paper, but all the accessories, such as the leash and the pump, were unnecessarily (in my opinion) wrapped in plastic and polystyrene. 

The board was easy to unpack and assemble and came with a nice dual-action pump. However, I struggled to put the fin on as it was quite stiff, but with some force, it went! I suspect this will get easier over time. It also comes with a 3-piece adjustable paddle which was quite heavy due to the large plastic blade, which could make paddling harder for a smaller person or child. 

The thing I was amazed about was how lightweight the board is; weighing 7.6kg made carrying it really easy – especially being a small 60kg adult! I struggle to carry heavy or large boards, so this would make longer portages etc., much easier to manage! The backpack-style bag is useful if the rider wants to carry the board. However, the zip at the front of the bag is not enclosed on the inside, which I found odd as everything falls through into the inside, meaning things could also fall out if not closed. I can’t see why there isn’t a pocket space here.

This board would be perfect for a beginner who is smaller in size or a young adult, although the board does say it is suitable for someone up to 100kg. A taller or larger person would be uncomfortable paddling this size board.

One thing that stood out was that the board had printed underneath where to fold it when putting it away; I’ve only ever seen stickers here, which usually fall off. Having it printed there made folding and putting the board away effortless; it was compact and neat the first time, and the board fit perfectly back in the bag!

The Aqua Marina Breeze ’23 is a lovely board for a beginner who is smaller in size, either a small adult or teenager wanting to get into the world of Stand-Up Paddleboarding. It comes as a complete package and is ready to be used. The board is light in weight, making it easy to carry, and it comes with a neat compact backpack. The board, in my opinion, is a lovely colour, and the extra red bungee looks stylish and allows the rider to carry more if needed, and I love the little addition of the ‘fold’ line to make packing it away easy every time!


  • Stability. 
  • Price. 
  • The ‘fold line’ printed underneath the board.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Lightweight.
  • Compact size. 


  • The paddle was heavy and slightly flimsy.
  • The zip at the front of the bag is not enclosed.
  • Not for advanced SUP boarders or those ready to take the next step in SUP. 
  • The board is small and thin, so only suits someone of smaller stature and weight. 

Tech info:
Length: 9’10”/300cm
Width: 30”/76cm
Thickness: 4.7”/12cm
Volume: 229L
Weight: 16.8lbs/7.6kg
Rider weight: 220 lbs/100kg
Max pressure: 15psi

Price: £399

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