Big boy toy – RRD Cosmo 9ft pro review


We tested RRD’s Cosmo 8ft pro back at the start of the rrd logoyear
(  and were therefore intrigued  to see how its larger sibling would fare. Supplied in pro carbon construction, as with the 8ft, it’s a lightweight stick for its size and super easy/comfy to carry from the car to the put in.

Supplied as a quad fin, but with the option of configuring skegs how riders see fit, we left as a fourRRD Cosmo 9ft foil set up for our first outing but then swapped things around during later sessions. Standing atop the 9ft Cosmo is a familiar feeling. Up front is a very wide platform and, just as with the 8ft Cosmo, paddlers will need to be positioned further forwards than thought to keep the tail lifted and not create drag. Step back for lightning fast pivots, however…

The plan shape of the Cosmo is pretty unique with a series of ‘wingers’ running down the rails to a performance tapered tail – this is how RRD cram in volume and width. Nose rocker is ample, even when standing in that forwards placed sweet spot – you’ll be surprised how much clearance you actually get!

Out at the take off and the 9ft displays good glide and therefore gets you onto RRD Cosmo 9ft #2walls efficiently. The lightweight construction of the RRD makes it feel a little ‘corky’ but there’s no denying how easy is it is to catch waves – from knee high and up. The Cosmo is another example of how performance orientated sleds can maximise even the slackest of wave sessions.

A really lively personality, for a relatively wide SUP, inspires paddlers to push the envelope in terms of what they can achieve when riding. Even from just in front of the tail pad, it’s possible to whack in smooth fast turns – get yourself above the fins and the Cosmo is a proper carving/lip swatting machine.

‘Working’ the Cosmo does produce best results so proactivity is a must – moving feet about the deck will yield efficient trim results and therefore better performance. If simply gliding is your thing then perhaps look at the RRD Wassup range – although you can still slide and gaze with the Cosmo. Rev up to speed, however, and the Cosmo 9ft is a joy to chuck around.

RRD Cosmo 9ft SUP Mag UK review


With more glide, stability and carving ability than you’d imagine for a wide body SUP, RRD’s Cosmo 9ft is great for big boned riders or those entering the wave arena for the first time. It’s also applicable to lighter weights who want a tool for slacker wave days. Set up as a quad fin for maximum manoeuvrability or stick it in thruster mode to lend yourself more drive, there’s scope for tuning your sled to conditions, which is commendable. Supplied fins are quality and the whole package is top drawer– typically RRD in that sense. Just watch out for dings with pro construction, as it’s easy to hole your pride and joy!

Price: £1,441


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