Carvin’ chunks – Quatro Carve 8.4ft 2016 review

Quatro SUP LogoHaving laid our grubbies on Quatro’s Glide 8.10ft last issue we were intrigued how the 8.4ft Carve would fair. Billed as more performance than it’s larger (wider) sibling it certainly looks snarlier on the beach. With 29.5” width, 120L of volume and a quad fin set up it’s definitely the biz and ready for tearing up the place!

Although challengingly narrow for progressing intermediates it’s actually a pretty stable ride – even when faced with choppier waves. Once the rider gets used to the secondary stability it’s an incredibly versatile machine. Paddling out is bliss as the 8.4ft’s length allows unhindered glide, the Quatro’s nose rocker lifting well clear of froth. Shaper Keith Teboul has incorporated the Integrated Stability Deck (ISD) and you can really feel this as you prowl the break.

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Having spotted your wave it’s a quick pivot before paddling into the drop. Working the Carve 8.4ft (pumping) will deliver even more speed and it was surprising how early the board picked up swells – there’s plenty of time to set your line before zooming off for that first hit. Staying pro-active, however, will yield best results – it’s a board that does require rider input.

quatro Carve 8.4ft quad fins

As easy as it is to pick up waves, even slack walls, the Carve does like some punch and works best if swells are standing vertical – waves don’t need to be big but the 8.4ft relishes power. With enough oomph it’s blisteringly quick off the bottom and slingshots paddlers back up to the lip quick smart. Hitting the apex the Quatro prefers a more vertical approach with moves you perform. Banging full pelt into the lip is super fun with riders going as critical as they can – the Quatro will handle it. During late lip hits the nose rocker avoids pearling and allows easy recovery if over egging it making your surfing appear more dynamic.

Cutties back into the pocket are speedy and those quality quad fins deliver superior grip for Mach 10 shredding. Proficient riders in the middle weight category will find the 8.4ft a good surf SUP for general conditions but, with skill, may prefer the brand’s smaller 8.0ft for even more performance. The 8.4ft could then be a step up stick for when waves increase in size.


Quatro’s 8.4ft is a more traditional feeling surf SUP that prefers vertical hacks to slashy/slidey skate style riding. With a steep wall it’s possible to crack out some powerful moves whereas slacker surf will require the rider to pro-actively work the board to keep its speed going. That said, it’s still a versatile SUP and will suit a variety of different users and locations. You can’t knock the construction, overall quality and carving fun you’ll have on the, er, Carve. Lighter weights should look at the brand’s 8ft version for a more applicable sled.

Price: £1399




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