SUP Coaching

Fit for the wave?

No matter where you catch your first wave, you will have the unique feeling of weightlessness and speed for the first time. After that first taste, you want to get more and more – so get out there! [...]

The challenge of WW SUP

Paddling whitewater on a SUP has many challenges but the payoffs are big and we’re seeing growth in the whitewater part of the sport for several very easy to recognize reasons. By Dan Gavere [...]

Are you SUP ready?

By Elaine Farquharson Dorset Sports Physio and Dorset SUP Coach and Guiding Photos: Zoltan Erdelyi ZeworksIs your body ready for the complexity of SUP? [...]

SUP boarding tips in wind

Words: Elaine Farquharson Photos: Zoltan Erdelyi – pro sup athlete and SupJunkie SUP boarding benefits from the art of surf, sail and paddling. [...]

SUP neck syndrome

Words: Elaine Farquharson Pics: Elaine Farquharson, Georgia Schofield @georgiascofieldphotos and Peter Tranter As a physio I hear a lot about your niggles from SUP, but did [...]

Avoiding SUP related back pain

Words: Elaine Farquharson Pics: Elaine Farquharson and Peter Tranter We don’t always consider what our core is doing when we are catching a wave or cruising down the river [...]

Stand Alone… Suplife 2020

By David ‘tids’ Tidball  British Canoeing Coach Educator & Chair of SUP Technical Committee BSUPA Instructor ISA surf & Sup Instructor [...]