Do it all performer – McConks 10.6ft x 32” x 4.75’ Go Anywhere inflatable SUP review

We tested the McConks 10.8ft right at the start of the brand’s journey a few years ago. Here we see what’s what with the 10.6ft version. SUPM’s test team member Rich got to grips with it across flat water and surf. This is what he thought.

‘The McConks’s 10.6ft is a go anywhere/do anything (hence the name) SUP that’s a really good piece of kit. It is styled like an oversize long board with a big bulbous nose and a drawn in rounded pin tail. Well manufactured, using the latest iSUP construction techniques, it felt quite stiff at 15 PSI and is guaranteed to 27PSI. Its deck grip is effective and comfortable and the deck also has carry straps with three blue strips of nonslip material to stop anything moving around, which is a nice touch. (I should add when surfing I did remove the elastic).

If you’re keen for some selfie action the interesting looking screw thread addition (RAM mount) will accommodate your GoPro or other action cam of type. The McConks features eye catching blue and white livery with three different shades accenting the white. It stands out on the water and on the beach, although the white will eventually pick up dirt.

Coming as a 2+1 set up (thruster) the fins are really easy to attach and the fittings are well made. We all agree that proper fins on iSUPs is where it’s at and this seems to becoming standard for many of the brands. The side fins have an interesting fitting system called Kumano, which worked well and very quick to assemble, although they could be a little stiffer (*having checked with McConks themselves this is purposeful). It’s good to see a US box in the central  spot so you can swap and tune if needs be.

Out on the water the McConks 10.6ft is super easy and comfortable to paddle, holding a straight line quite effectively. Glide is also pretty good for this size and style of iSUP a few strokes delivering decent momentum. I enjoyed piloting around on flat water but was keen to see how it faired when thrown at some swell.

In the surf it was great fun and I really enjoyed dropping into waves. The nose is a little bouncy but the rounded pin tail made turning very easy. If you position your foot above the fins, on the tail, it’s actually quite manoeuvrable. OK, an inflatable doesn’t quite have the same characteristics as a hard board in waves but I had a really great time surfing the McConks with lots of fun and big smiles – what more could you ask for?’


McConks have certainly been pushing hard the last few years and are now making headway. The 10.6ft is a refined and polished iSUP fit for purpose in a wide range of environments. As a flat water cruiser it delivers whilst also remaining fun and functional should riders fancy a bit of surf action. The bag and paddle are also well thought out. Quality manufacturing, with particular attention paid to fin systems, the McConks 10.6ft will fit the wants/needs of many different styles of paddler.

Price: £595


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