Fresh fun! – Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co 10’6 x 33” x 306L iSUP review

We all know what an inflatable 10’6 stand up paddle board’s performance is like, right?

Review & pics: Tez Plavenieks

We all know what an inflatable 10’6 stand up paddle board’s performance is like, right? Whilst generally any experienced SUPer will know what they’re getting there are always subtle nuances in design which translates to different feels on the water.

Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co’s inflatable 10’6 is the second piece of kit we’ve tested from the resurrected Isle of Wight brand. Coming with familiar looking, brand specific livery it’s a well manufactured iSUP with careful attention to detail. The biggest take away is the board’s more drawn out nose setting it apart from cheap air boards without thought.

Options to fit action cams, via nose sat mounts and bungee cord for stowing essentials whilst paddling it’s an iSUP with all round appeal but built in additional touring SUP traits. 

Afloat and the most notable thing is the 10’6’s stability and rigidity. I tested this by having my little helper (son) hop aboard during testing. The Freshwater iSUP displays efficient glide and tracking, not really deviating from course and holding momentum with the fewest of paddle strokes. It’s deflection is also pretty good without bending too much in the middle (note: all iSUPs have some deflection but quality boards display the least).

If you’re a family or individual looking for a fun platform to make use of in a wide array if conditions then the 10’6 will certainly accommodate. Flat water SUPing is idyllic but even should chop and flotsam increase it copes well.

Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co’s 10’6 inflatable SUP certainly keeps things on point from a brand perspective. The self styled SUP surfing adventure brand has an all round air board that incorporates many touring SUP features making it more than simply a beginner sled. Take it from beginner to winner with ease.

Price: £745


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