Fun for the masses – Jobe 10ft all round SUP review

Jobe’s 10ft all rounder is a multi-discipline beast that copes with a variety of conditions and should appeal to a wide user audience. 10ft remains the most popular stand up paddle board size in the UK – for a variety of reasons but mainly the versatility.

Looking sleek and sexy in bamboo construction and white livery, the Jobe is a top shelf bit of kit that all paddlers would be happy to have in their toy box. Out of the wrapping and the standard fin configuration is fine for getting on the water but if waves are the choice then considerations about changing sizes and type should be duly given.

Jobe 10ft all round SUP Once afloat the Jobe 10ft’s character steps into the limelight. Feeling balanced and stable it’s a joy to sweep around on the flat and the nose bungee gives stowage options for paddlers looking to head off on tour.

Cutting through the water it’s a fairly efficient stick, relative to its size and shape. If you’re erring more to the flat water side of things then perhaps consider a Jobe Bamboo 11.6ft or Aero 11.6ft inflatable. If, however, you fancy a crack at first time surfing then look no further…

Getting out through the froth is a doddle on the Jobe – even for those with limited experience. Care should be given though as there’s a lot of board underfoot and losing control in crowded lineups could cause (literally) headaches.

Dropping into waves the Jobe has decent enough glide, although paddlers will need to put the hammer down to get in super early. Along mellow walls the 10ft planes effortlessly and it excels in gutless surf particularly well. If a wave stands up vertical then concentration will be needed to hold a rail and avoid slamming.

Advanced riders will enjoy the longboard style surf performance and effective down the line glide. Coming off the top of a steep section can be a handful at times and care will be needed to not pearl. If the swell increases in quality then it’d be time to swap to a more performance orientated board. Stick with the 10ft if you just want to cruise though.

The Jobe Bamboo 10ft is a pure all rounder with a slight bias towards surf – although small waves rather than macking swells. That said, advanced riders will find a lot of fun with testing their skills with a log in solid walls. Beginner to intermediates will love the forgiving nature of the Jobe in mellower conditions. On the flat it glides well and handles a variety of watery scenarios. All in all the Jobe 10ft is a great example of all round stand up paddle board fun.

Price: £839 (inc rail saver tape)


Jobe 10ft all round SUP

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