Land paddle: Jay ‘JSUP’ Manning becomes Hamboards UK ambassador.

Larger than life SUPer and land paddler Jay ‘JSUP’ Manning has joined the Hamboards UK team as ambassador for the brand. Jay’s love affair with all things paddling straddles both water and land with ‘Mr Stoke’ regularly out on and about on both types of craft. Spreading the love, delivering good vibes and vying for the title of Social Media Selfie King – as anyone following his Facebook/Instagram feeds will know.

JSUP joins Hamboards UK

Jay had this to say about his new sleds: ‘Pretty stoked to be ambassador for Hamboards UK. An iconic longboard brand that’s been around a while they also offer ideal land SUP riding which is a sport in its own right and is growing in popularity. It’s not just water SUPers joining in either. Land SUP offers another excuse to play on boards, only this time on land. I’ll be carrying a few  demo boards while at SUP events so come on over, demo one and get lowdown on Hamboards UK.’

Jay JSUP Manning

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  1. I know Jay and that totally sounds like the sort of thing he would say 😉
    The boards look good and I know Jay only rides stuff he passionately believes in.
    Good luck guys.

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