Jobe Sena 11′ x 30″ x 240L review

The Jobe Sena 11′ is a compact, high-end inflatable paddle board ideal for manoeuvre-orientated riders. It balances glide and nimbleness, offers onboard storage, and performs well even in less-than-ideal conditions.

Words & photo: Tez Plavenieks

Jobe’s Sena is the brand’s more compact style touring iSUP. Sitting one size down from the Jobe Neva (which I reviewed a few issues back), the Sena is poised to serve more manoeuvre-orientated riders or those who prefer liveliness over glide.

This isn’t to say the Sena doesn’t have glide; it does. But it’s also a nimble board that can be thrown about easier than longer paddle boards. With a 30″ width, there’s plenty of stability, even for the nervous paddler. And the onboard storage allows some essentials to be taken along on your paddling sojourns. With each stroke, you can feel the board’s efficiency; before long, riders will be on autopilot.

Inspires confidence
During testing, we had quite a stiff headwind with some moderate chop. The Sena took all this in its stride. Floating above the chop and cutting a fairly aerodynamic line into the breeze, it was easy to keep tracking and make headway. That should inspire confidence for paddlers who find themselves in conditions less than ideal.

Manufacturing-wise, the Jobe Sena 11′ is a high-end premium constructed inflatable SUP. Deflection is as minimal as possible, which transfers to efficiency. And efficiency equals fun. The board’s livery is also pretty eye-catching. Other fixtures and fittings, such as the included fin, are all tip-top, as you’d expect from a premium brand like Jobe.

The Jobe Sena 11′ is a fun inflatable paddle board to pilot. It’ll undoubtedly tick all the boxes for those in the market for a touring SUP. But with the additional manoeuvrability, it should also appeal to a broader range of paddlers – big thanks to Hayling Watersports, who helped with this test.

Price: £549
Info: jobesena-27-w.asp

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