Just a quickie – Johnson QuikDri towelling tracksuit review

Johnson QuikDri logoUnless you live in the Tropics then chances are entering and exiting the brine, even during high season, won’t exactly be the balmiest. OK, every dog has its day and soaring temperatures do swing in from time to time negating the need for bodily garment coverage. Most of the time, however, rubber or some form of protection against the elements will be needed when on/in the water. But what about stepping back on land? Enter the Johnson QuikDri tracksuit…

A unique microfibre suit lined with snugly towelling material it’s the perfect post-SUP session lounge wear with function. The wicking properties of the inner lining means you don’t need to pat down with your standard towel – simply fling off your wetsuit/drysuit/water wear (discreetly we might add!) and step into your Johnson QuikDri tracksuit.

Being windproof and waterproof also means you can set about loading your kit without having to change. If you really want then keep the JQ adorned and head off for  refreshments. Suddenly too warm? Have no fear, unzip arms and legs (to a certain extent – too much exposed flesh ain’t a good look) and cool off without removing the suit. (The zips also make it super easy to get on and off when sodden).


Johnson’s QuikDri tracksuit is super warm. So much so we actually used it for flat water paddling sessions. You don’t want to take a dunking in such heavy duty fabric as waterlogged material will make for difficult swimming, but those paddlers with confidence will find it good shoulder season top layer paddling attire.

The removable hood is a neat touch for fending off further wind chill – great if you have a thick head of hair of which the evaporative effects of water can cause ice cream headaches (our tester doesn’t have that problem although the hood was still welcome). Waterproof pockets allow paraphernalia to be stored while simplistic styling makes the JQ suit stand out.


The Johnson QuikDri tracksuit is a unique product that’s perfectly placed for SUPers who don’t have the luxury of stepping straight onto the water or living in warm climates (most of us then). If you change outdoors there’s nothing worse than feeling the chill after being afloat. With the JQ suit it’s a simple case of exiting the brine and snuggling straight into a warm, waterproof, dry and comfortably fitting garment that can be worn all the way home and all year round.


Jacket – £115

Pants – £75

Info: www.quikdri.co.uk



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  1. Don’t order. Not a good company. I order in August and still waiting and they don’t answer my emails

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