Laird StandUp

Laird Hamilton is the pioneer of stand up paddle boarding. Laird Standup brings together a line of boards, paddles and accessories for surfing, touring, racing or yoga straight from the source.

Together, let’s continue to explore the unlimited future of stand up!Laird LXR


LX Race

Spec: Length – 12’6”, Width – 27.5”, Thickness – 7”, Volume – 225 litres, Weight: 10.2kg

Fast and stable, our premier Carbon Fiber Race board has all the technical touch you will ever need. The fifty-fifty nose design cuts through the water without digging or catching. The sleek bottom design channels the water smoothly through the board to the tail, where it is released efficiently.

Fire Fish

Spec: Length: 8’, Width, 28.875”, Thickness – 4”, Volume – 95 litres, Weight – 8.39kg

The Fire Fish shape allows for a lot of drive out of the rail, and the swallow tail lets the rider sit further back in the tail for more extreme cutbacks and vertical Laird Fire Fishsnaps off the lip. The Fire Fish is designed for dynamic StandUp surfing on hollow, smaller, faster waves!


Charlie Baker – UK Distributor

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  1. James Chapman // July 31, 2015 at 12:53 pm // Reply

    When will Laird be available in the UK? I haven’t seen many around yet. Keen to have a go on the Fish – pics look sick!

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