Land paddle: Pump it up! – Lush Longboard Legend X-Flex Pro board review

Lush Longboards logoWith styling reminiscent of a 50s California woody pick up truck Lush Longboards’ Legend X-Flex Pro longboard skater isn’t a specific land paddle deck. But with its flex characteristics, wider profile and carving/cruising attributes it should fit the bill perfectly.

Speaking with the Lush guys about land paddling and it’s an area of skating that intrigues. Having seen ‘stick riding’ at some longboard events around the country Lush were curious to hear our thoughts.

Lush Longboards X-Flex deck

So firstly the deck. As we’ve already mentioned it’s super flexy and this allows riders to pump when rolling, thus generating more momentum and forwards thrust. When used effectively in conjunction with pushing on the paddle it’s possible to make this particular sled move pretty swiftly. Lush may bill it a cruiser but its top speed is more akin to something racer. Obviously wheels, trucks and bearings come into play (more on those in a sec) as does the rider’s paddle technique. It can’t be ignored, however, that the Legend X-Flex is quick mover.

Lush Longboards X-flex wheels close up

Made from Canadian 6 ply Maple the deck has been perfected to fit your feet, as Lush themselves state. Super thin but with plenty of strength and spring the Legend moulds to your tootsies and allows riders to locate placements without having to glance down. The X-Flex is actually a composite construction that incorporates two layers of fibreglass that helps to provide the really nice strong flex pattern. You can read more about it here

Lush Longboards X-Flex trucks close up

Coming with Cult Classic 66 wheels and super tough, durable Sabre trucks the Lush Legend X-Flex accelerates down flat runs at warp speed. The pair of incorporated kicks at either end make it applicable for popping spins and twirling – if this is your thing. With land paddling still such a young discipline there isn’t any kind of rule book allowing riders to make it up as they go along. We’ve harped on about taking land paddling to lips and kickers but if sweepers fancy experimenting and stealing a leaf out of longboard skate dancer’s books then this is the sled for you.

For those of a sliding bent the Legend works although we found we had to push quite hard to find any release with paddle power alone. Those Cult wheels do tend to grip hard and only with speed will you slide easy.


It was nice to use a longboard from a longstanding UK manufacturer – in this instance Lush. The Bristol based brand certainly know a thing or two about design and producing beautiful looking rides. While not being a specific land paddling machine the Lush Legend X-Flex is rewarding to ride with a stick. Revving up to full power speeds it zooms along and allows riders to pump, in conjunction with efficient stroking, which in turn delivers miles of glides. Snapping turns, pivots and air time are also possible with the Legend which combined with sexy good looks make it an appealing product for those with a penchant for a simple but effective/rewarding machine.



Deck only – £120

Standard- £160

Pro – £200

Elite – £220


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