More than a lot – Mistral Adventurist 14’ x 28” x 287L

More than a lot – Mistral Adventurist 14’ x 28” x 287L hard board review

Review & pics: Tez Plavenieks

Having spoken to Mistral’s international brand manage and Adventurist designer, Steve West, before taking the 14’er out his comment was, “It’s just an all round SUP,” which really doesn’t do it justice at all.

With brushed carbon, white and green livery it’s eye candy for sure. The biggest design feature to jump out is the Adventurist’s flat rocker profile. Anyone who knows their onions will be aware this should translate to straight line speed. The question was: would its nose catch and the Adventurist not cope with chop?

Hopping aboard the 14’ footer’s 28” width certainly gives it a playful personality. But trust in the shape and the exemplary secondary stability which will cork paddlers back upright should the board roll. In fact, the Adventurist’s secondary stability is so good experienced SUPers will be able to rail it over, thereby altering paddling trim, reduce the wetted surface area and enjoy an even more efficient ride. 

That flat rocker certainly makes itself known, even without putting the hammer down. And the board’s sturgeon nose sheds water well, keeping the 14’ from burying, slowing and becoming a handful – even in chop/swell. For a supposed touring SUP Mistral’s Adventurist 14’ does a good impression of a race SUP!

Versatility doesn’t stop there either. I had chance to chuck it at some swell. There’s no question you have to be in your toes and proactive about the deck. Dropping in to waves requires paddlers hanging right off the tail to keep the nose up. But it sets a rail beautifully and powers down the line.

Mistral’s Adventurist 14′ is so much more than simply an all round SUP board. For most paddlers wants and needs – whether that be a bit of touring, recreation, possibly fun racing and even SUP surfing small waves – it accommodates no hassle. It looks the bomb as well, so hats off to the designers on that front.

Price: £1259

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