Protect ya tech – SwimCell waterproof case review

SwimCells’ waterproof technology is billed as being SUP friendly and allows paddlers to go afloat with their smartphone and bits of tech that don’t really mix well with saltwater. Coming in a range of vibrant colours, we were keen to try these pouches out for flat water paddling (surf SUP isn’t really recommended).

We’ll be honest: the thought of dropping an expensive smartphone in the drink, regardless of whether it’s protected by a SwimCell pouch or not, didn’t sit that comfortable with us – at first. Before going afloat we tried the SwimCell waterproof case in the bath with an old iPod! After a number of submersible tests, we were confident that the case wouldn’t leak.

Securing tightly with two twist and lock wheels, we were happy to take our phone with us sweeping the next time we were at the beach. This allowed us to use the phone’s camera to snap a few pics. On inspection back at base there was absolutely no leaking (phew!) – and confidence grew with each outing.

We have also used a waterproof speaker (that secures to our touring SUP) on flat water sojourns. This works from our smartphone via Bluetooth but only has so much range. SwimCell’s waterproof pouch is the perfect solution for this scenario.

After a tentative beginning, we were heading out onto the brine with our smartphones thoroughly protected by SwimCell’s waterproof case more and more. We used the case extensively on flat water – it was great being able to utilise the phone’s camera when out for a float. Coming in a range of colours and two sizes, SwimCell’s waterproof solution is a real winner.

Price: £13.99 – £15.99



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