SUP: Put a sock in it – Fatstick SUP Sock review

fatstick logoEverybody needs protection for their shiny new SUP stick – or even trusted old faithful. But do we always need to go the whole hog and pad up with a board bag? While we’ll not deny board bags do offer the highest level of protection for your board – especially if travelling abroad – there are other options available.

The SUP Sock by Fatstick isn’t anything new. This style of protection has been around for years and surfers have utilised them extensively. Not used as widely within stand up Fatstick saw an opportunity and took it.

Made from heavy duty towelling material, with reinforced nose bumper, and coming in a variety of flavours the SUP Sock also doubles as drying apparatus if you forget your normal rag. It’s also a handy matt to have during post SUP sessions round the BBQ or campfire.


Those two uses, however, aren’t what the SUP Sock was designed for. Carrying your beloved is where it’s at and carry it well the SUP Sock does. If you’re travelling short distances or aiming for quick moves then it’ll protect your stick enough. We’re all clumsy to some degree and fending off annoying scrapes is where Fatstick’s SUP Sock comes into its own.


Throw and go transport is where Fatstick’s SUP Sock board carrier fits the bill. Obviously for longer journeys, and/or overseas trips, a full on board bag will need to be employed. For all other manoeuvres the SUP Sock works fine. Less than careful stand up paddle board owners will find it good during short sojourns to the beach and back. It’s also a good way to protect your board further when inside a padded bag, negating the need for bubble wrap and packaging.

Price: £59.99





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