Red Original – Men’s Luxury Towelling Robe & Luxury Kid’s Poncho Towel review
Review & pic: Dale Mears @StandUpPaddleUK

Change robes have gone slightly mad this year, with people picking them up for various watersports and activities. Here’s the latest offering for summer from Red Original. 

A suede fleece that is quick-drying and holds four times its weight in water is an excellent addition to the summer robe family.

I love these because they are simple and lightweight; think baggy hoodie that keeps your modesty and keeps the weather off you, yet add a lovely fit, feel and handy pockets and hood. Not only the hood but with the ability to drawstring and tie it up. What’s even better is these come in a small bag too! 

This is a well-designed robe, excellent material and what’s better is this is a super affordable product from Red Original. Even the supermarkets are charging £20 for the child’s size robe with inferior materials and poor sizing. If you have kids, these are amazing, I’ve got my toddler in one, and it’s huge on her at the moment, but it’s way over her size, but she loves it! It’s warm and comfy and great for the beach or river! 

Price: Men’s Luxury Towelling Robe – £52.95

Luxury Kid’s Poncho Towel – £32.95

Info: luxury-towelling-change-robes/Kids

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