Reflections on SUP Bike Run, Wimbleball Lake, Somerset

Simon Jeffery, Fatstick SUP team rider, gives us his thoughts from the Wimbleball Lake, Somerset, SUP Bike Run event.

This weekend saw a healthy turnout at Wimbleball Lake, Somerset, for the SW leg of the eagerly anticipated SUP Bike Run triathlon. We caught up with Fatstick SUP team rider Simon Jeffery for some of his thought and experiences from the event.

Simon Jeffery at SUP BIke Run

‘A friend of mine suggested we should do the first one last year in Chichester. It took me a little while to say yes as I had never done anything like it before. We were both up for it but unfortunately he injured himself and I still had to go through with it – no bailing on this one! I really enjoyed it and could not believe I had actually done it.’

‘The event at Wimbleball Lake was awesome – so well organised, hats off to the crew behind the scenes. Lots of signs told you where you needed to go and what to do. The course was a great one but very hard in sections. Everyone finished with a smile though.’

SUP Bike Run

‘In the end about 100 people turned up to do the first SUP Bike Run of 2015. They sell up to 250 tickets for each which makes it not too hectic. Based on those numbers some obviously didn’t show. They missed out if you ask me.’

‘In one word the event was super chilled.  It was very laid back, which is nice as it puts us the competitors at ease before getting going. The staff were great too – chatty and up for a laugh before, during and after. That is a real plus point for me as I get a little nervous.’

‘It is not billed as race, more of an experience which welcomes all comers. Some do take it very seriously indeed, but for me: I just wanted to finish and maybe beat some of my pervious times.’

‘My body was telling me at times you can’t do this but my brain was telling me I can. I had a little voice in my head shouting to carry on. I watch lots of videos on YouTube by an American called CT Fletcther – I imagine him being him on my shoulder and yelling at me to fight on. He’s worth a look but he is quite mean.’

Simon Jeffery Fatstick team rider

‘I broke my bike about two thirds of the way round the course so had to walk a lot of it. This meant my run was not great as legs were aching from pushing the bike. There were lots of hills on this one which were hard work.’

‘The SUP leg was very eclectic with all kinds of equipment being used. Some used race boards, some used touring SUPs while others were on all round stand ups. The organisers hire out inflatable boards for people to use so everyone has a chance – even if they don’t own a SUP. This event I used a Fatstick Bamboo Tourer which was a lot better than the all round board I used in the first event. It made me about 7mins quicker.’

‘I did lots of running and cycling prep during the lead up. I am lucky as I have a free gym at work that I can use during my lunch time. Also the PTI’s are very helpful by putting on circuit training once a week for cross fit sessions. I did use a straight weight bar with 5kg and a step box to simulate SUP and help help build shoulders for paddling. I got lots of funny looks and comments when doing it in the gym but it did help me out.’

‘I have been stand up paddling for about a year now and like to get out whenever I can. I also do a lot of land SUP when I can’t get out on the water. This has also helped towards my fitness and some technique. I took up SUP as I have always loved being out on the water and the sense of freedom you get going paddling is great.’

Simon Jeffery land SUP

‘If you had asked me a year ago if I would have liked to do a triathlon I would have told you where to go! But to be honest now, I really love it. It’s a big challenge for me and yes if it didn’t involve SUP I probably would not be doing it. I have even stopped drinking since taking this up!’

‘After the first SUP Bike Run event I was on such a high. I could not believe I had just done such a gruelling/physical thing – neither could most of my friends. They kept asking who I was and what had I done with the old Simon…’

‘You do need to spend time training for similar events. But someone may suggest doing something else and I am easily led.  I will be looking at doing a few long distance SUP paddles to up my stamina for future triathlons. I love getting outdoors and padding. It’s great coming home tired after a great day on the water.’

‘Big thanks to Fatstick SUP for use of the board and paddle. And also big props to my wife Lisa for putting up with me during my training and events.’

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  1. Awesome effort from Simon – well done!

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  3. I agree with Simon, really awesome event, friendly and so well run!!! Great to meet you Simon and you’re a legend to just keep on gong when your bike failed!! Good to see you at the finish line! See you at the next one!!

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