Rippin’ fun – Werner Rip Stick 89 adjustable paddle review

Werner paddles logoWerner’s latest paddle addition is the aptly named Rip Stick 89. A specifically designed surf blade manufactured to excel in waves. As soon as we saw the specs from Werner we were intrigued – after all the brand promises big things from this weapon if surf’s your thing.

Out of the packaging Werner’s adjustable version is incredibly light. The level of manufacturing finish you’d expect from a company like Werner is also top notch. Carbon weave is suitably high end, and shows no blemishes, while the adjustment system Werner have plumped for is the push pin variety. This may seem odd with extensive usage of the incremental type. But when you consider the Rip Stick is a wave blade it makes sense. This type won’t slip – something that can happen with slider adjustments.

Another trait the Rip Stick demonstrates is its low angle blade rake. Be under no illusion, this is a paddlers paddle, where technique will have already been dialled in if you’re considering a purchase.

Werner Rip Stick 89

Out on the water it’d be easy to think there’s no power delivery from the Rip Stick – mainly due to its light weight. In actual fact with the blade buried to the hilt, and deep strokes dug in, there’s a great deal of oomph. Enough to propel smaller surf SUPs into later take offs. The blade’s double concave creates power pockets which allow for maximum propulsion and the low profile blade shape and smaller overall size gives a higher cadence without losing efficiency.

Having picked up your wave the light weight nature of the Rip Stick comes into play again with flicky rail to rail changes and wrap arounds achieved with pinpoint accuracy. Blade placement is key to stomping moves and with technique and understanding from the rider Werner’s Rip Stick will elevate any experienced surfer’s game.

Werner Rip Stick 89 SUP Mag UK review


Werner’s Rip Stick 89 is an impressive piece of kit aimed squarely at wave shredders. Feeling super light in the hands, but not to the detriment of power delivery, the Rip Stick relishes being thrown into some full power surf action. We’ll not lie, it’s a technical piece of kit that needs a skilled pilot to get the most from. With prior paddle surf experience, however, riders are poised to rip harder than before with the Rip Stick 89. Werner Rip Stick 79 also available.

Price: £289.99


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