Roaming free – Contour ROAM 3 action cam review

Contour disappeared from the action cam scene for a while but are now back with a bang – the brand’s ROAM 3 offering is blowing up and gives another alternative to the already busy action camera market.

Looking very distinct, the ROAM 3 is cylindrical in shape offering an easy one touch recording mechanism, laser leveller and 180 degree rotating lens, and is without water housing (it doesn’t need it).

There are a number of ways to attach the Contour during paddling but we chose our standard method, which gives a variety of shooting angles from the paddle.

With its simple slide-to-record mechanism, hitting go has never been easier. The bullet like nature of the ROAM 3 also ensures you always know what the lens is pointing at. Although we can see the benefits of the laser leveller on land, the watery environment doesn’t really lend itself to this feature. Having the option of rotating the lens was welcome though.

The ROAM 3 isn’t the lightest of cameras when attached to your paddle shaft, and it seems to perch quite high atop the mount. That said, after a short while you forget it while paddling, until the time comes to drop in and record.

The footage from the session in question was satisfying upon inspection

It’s always a bit of gamble when you’re trying to shoot paddle surfing, as results don’t always end up how you thought. In this case though the ROAM 3 didn’t flatten off the wave size too much (a common problem in the surf) and we were able to capture a decent perspective and chunk of video action. The easy record slider meant we didn’t have to wade through endless footage of our feet either.

Contour ROAM 3 action cam

Contour’s ROAM 3 is a distinct looking action cam that has a number of benefits over its nearest competitor. The slider record button is super easy to use and gives the cam video function a decent level of versatility. Not needing water housing is a nice touch and the 180 degree rotating lens is funky. We weren’t so taken with the photograph setting (particularly the burst function) and the laser level doesn’t really work in the surf. Overall the Contour is a nicely designed and easy to use waterproof action cam that’s best suited to capturing vid footage.

Price: £189.99 

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