Shred Betty – Badfish Rivershred 9ft review
Review by Dave Adams

Badfish SUPThe very first thing that strikes you when you blow up the Rivershred is its width. At 44” wide this thing really is bombastic! Anybody who has run rapids on a SUP knows how important a bit of width is. The next thing that really stands out is the Multi Chamber Inflatable Technology or MCIT.

This is not new as Badfish have other SUPs in their range with side chambers. The Rivershred is different though because the side chambers finish short of the tail giving the board nice wingers which you would only normally see on a rigid board. Side chambers also allow for finer lines and contoured rails which you do not get on any other inflatable. The Rivershred is a sexy looking white water weapon.

image1Other nice features include extra wide grab handles – nose, tail and centre handle that is offset to allow for the board’s extra width. There is a great kit storage area with very strong looking D-rings – essential for lashing down your belongings. Huge amounts of tail and nose rocker are also built in with a flat mid-section. The Rivershred has a concave nose, which is another feature that is only really possible because of the side chambers.

The board features a tri fin set up with extra small side bites and removable centre fin (which is huge for a WW SUP – 8” – but this is a great help on the flatter sections of water. It is easily removed for shallower areas or surfing standing waves.

Inflating is very easy because the MCIT only needs 15psi in the centre chamber and 7psi in the side chambers. Because of the MCIT technology it is stiffer than other single chamber iSUPs.

On the water the Rivershred is simply awesome! Traditionally iSUPs have been a compromise but that is not the case with the Rivershred. This thing performs just as well if not better than my rigid white water SUPs.

It is so solid on aerated turbulent sections of river and surfs like a dream on standing waves which is inspiring for beginners and encourages them to progress. Experienced rivers surfers will be able to push the limits of WW SUP even further. You can carve, cut back and manoeuvre as if on a surfboard and running sections is a supremely composed affair. Although we didn’t tackle any serious high volume WW the Rivershred would make an awesome vehicle for this and it’s really hats off to the designers who’ve nailed it with this design.

With the Rivershred 9ft you get the best of both worlds. The versatility and convenience of an inflatable with the performance of a composite board. On rivers and in white water this translates to an effectively optimised piece of equipment that’s great for beginners and advanced paddlers alike. Possibly the best white water specific SUP yet – well and truly adored, can you tell?

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Price: £850
Note: since going to press the BadfishSUP Rivershred has been swapped out by the brand. You can still get the Rivershred 2015 model (reviewed here) from selected outlets. Contact System X for details on the updated range.

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