Something fishy – AHD Sealion Wings 7’6” x 29” x 109L surf SUP review

AHD logoThis is the third write up featuring AHD’s Sealion Wings 7’6” we’ve published. Why? As a multi-discipline board (SUP surfer, windSUP, SUP foiler, windfoiler) we thought it only right to check out each aspect thoroughly.

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Windsurf heads should check out the windfoiling article  in our autumn issue of sister magazine Windsurfing UK.

Here we look at the Wing’s SUP surfing attributes. So, on with it…

With its extremely pronounced swallow tail the Sealion Wings 7’6” is hard to miss. In a world of parallel rail, stubby nose designs the AHD stands out as a more traditional fish shape – why this style of SUP surf board isn’t more common we’re unsure. Relative to its length and 109L volume the Wings 7’6” is surprisingly stable – experienced paddlers won’t find it too much issue to pilot even in mildly choppy conditions.

Glide is also pretty good, as such the AHD picks up waves (even small mush burgers) early and with a few power paddle strokes generates speed for that all important first hit. Being short means it’s easy for feet to reach the tail. As such banging in a few spray throwing slides is achievable and fulfilling – the Wings’ twin 16cm fin releasing just when needed.

As waves get steeper riders will need to be a little more delicate with their carving. It’s a loose ride aboard the Wings 7’6” – it just begs you to bust those fins free. Biding time, however, is best as is not pushing too hard if you want a more vertical hit.

Being such a lightweight sled, however, makes the Wings a proper throw about surf toy, making real world wave conditions all the more appealing.


AHD’s Sealion Wings 7’6” versatility can’t be ignored. With the option of attaching sails, foils or riding as board alone it’s an access all areas vehicle that could be the only sled you ever use. In SUP surf mode AHD’s Wings utilises a proven fish outline to make sure riders get the most out of small to medium waves. Speed, down the line drive combined with ability to break the fins out make it super fun to pilot. Riders who prefer a more vertical style of surfing will need to concentrate a little more, although it’s still achievable – swapping to slightly bigger fins will help. Stable, relative to its size, with plug ‘n’ play performance AHD’s Sealion Wings 7’6” is poised to get paddlers ripping in all but the most serious/critical of waves, but then that’s not the point…


Sealion Wings Carbon 7’6” or 8’6” with Twin Fins = £1579
AFS-1 or AFS-1 Mk2 Carbon Foil complete = £1799
Either 7’6” or 8’6” Sealion Wings with the AFS-1 or AFS-1 Mk2 foil complete package = £3149

Info: and  Tel: 02380 840777

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