Starry eyed – Starboard AllStar 12.6ft x 28” review

starboardWith a chop piercing nose, that cuts efficiently, water simply deflects from the bow and ensures tracking is straight and true – very few corrective strokes are actually needed to drive this baby forwards. If any excess water does find itself in the progressively scooped out cockpit area then nifty internal drainage holes ensure H20 is exhausted and no added weight is carried.

Starboard AllStar 12.6ftFeeling super light, in brushed blue carbon sandwich technology, the 12.6ft is a speedy machine when the hammer’s down, while displaying a composure fit for more nervous paddlers at lower speeds and rest. Falling somewhere between a race and touring SUP the 12.6ft is almost a niche unto itself. Both equal parts speed machine and recreational vehicle it fits into multiple areas of stand up and therefore has mass appeal.

Those looking for a racing sled will appreciate the grace the AllStar displays, with buoy turns made all the more fluid by the board’s stability, while ‘do it all’ paddlers will love the ease at which the AllStar eats up distance and covers ground. The 28” brushed blue carbon version would also make a decent fishing/diving platform, although there isn’t a lot of room for stowing gear on deck and the high sided gunnels towards the front could make getting on off a trickier things than with a flat deck.

We also managed to get out in a few small waves and while not the AllStar’s forte (the Sprint series actually surfs better), it picks up swells with ease and can certainly glide like a pro.

The fin supplied is also worth a mention. Starboard put a lot of effort into optimising their skegs and having tried a few different setups we’re happy to report that the provided foil does a superb job meaning there’s little need to swap one out.

Starboard have created an almost entirely new style of SUP with the AllStar 12.6ft x 28”. Displaying traits from both race and touring boards the 12.6ft fits comfortably into both areas of the sport. This is great for punters looking for maximum bang for buck and offers incredible versatility. Being both at home on flat water and inland stretches of brine it glides effortlessly, is super stable and easy to turn while remaining lightweight and a pleasure to paddle.
For those wanting more speed/race performance look towards the brand’s Sprint series (we reviewed the Sprint Unlimted 17.5ft for our website which you can find here

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£1,199 for the Glass Carbon model

Starboard AllStar 12.6ft

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