SUP: Born to perform – BIC Performer CC adjustable carbon paddle review

BIC SUPBIC’s Performer CC adjustable carbon paddle is the most popular in the brand’s range – according to BIC’s website. Lightweight, easy to use and featuring a 90” wide blade – that fits a broad range of stand up paddle disciplines – it certainly looks up for the task in hand.

The adjustment system BIC utilise for their Performer CC is one of the nicest to use (in our opinion). A spring loaded lever embedded in the handle allows for incremental adjustments – even on the fly when out sweeping. If you’re not happy with your shaft length then simply lift the lever and reduce or increase with minimal fuss.


In the past we’ve found there can be slight movements after extensive use with this type of adjustable. Having used heavily though the Performer didn’t want to budge and we have total confidence in it not slipping, whatever conditions you’re paddling in.

The T grip is super comfy and fits palm of hands ergonomically providing an efficient point of contact. Some paddlers do prefer other types of handle but BIC’s Performer CC is certainly good for most SUPing needs.

BIC Performer CC handle #1

At 90” BIC’s blade is on the narrower side which allows a super smooth entry into the water. Shaft flex is pretty stiff and drawing through each stroke is a powerful affair. Propulsion is therefore efficient and accurate with minimal blade flutter. The Performer CC is a forgiving blade to swing even with its flatter power face. There’s a subtle dihedral running into the bottom half of the blade which suggests more technique may be needed. Technical/experienced sweepers will be able to unlock the most performance but intermediates will still find a nice ‘engine’ in BIC’s Performer.

For those who do love putting the hammer down it delivers cracking drive for race SUPs while remaining flicky for anyone looking towards wave orientated paddles. Rail to rail transitions and wrap arounds are easy to achieve and redirects rewarding.

BIC Performer CC handle #2


BIC’s Performer CC adjustable carbon paddle is a good example of a versatile, good value mid to high end sweeper that will accommodate various SUP tastes. If you’re a tourer or recreational SUPer it works fine while racers and surfers will be able to unlock the features needed to make every session successful. Lightweight, durable and boasting a super easy to use adjustment system the Performer CC could be a great main blade or secondary backup that multiple users can take advantage of.


Carbon – £190.00

Carbon/fibreglass – £160


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