SUP: Poetry in motion – Loco Motion 14ft x 28” x 300L review

locoLoco’s Motion 14ft x 28” certainly stands out on the beach, and not just because of its lime green paint job. There are a few other traits to this board that make it unique. Unlike many brands Loco employ a rounded pin tail instead of more common square tail – the NE based brand isn’t afraid of thinking outside the box that’s for sure. Paddlers will also note the board’s wide point is located rearward. We were intrigued to see how these two characteristics transferred to on water performance.

Loco Motion 14ft hull profile

Carrying the Motion to the put is in is a joy – it’s one of the lightest wood/glass 14fters we’ve tried. For those into BOP style racing, with running starts normal, the Motion’s reduced weight will be most welcome. Although there weren’t any forward carry handles supplied with this model there’s the opportunity to add if needs be.

From the off the Motion is a fulfilling to pilot. It winds up to top speed in a heartbeat and sticks there with minimal effort. Put the hammer down and it’s redline all the way. To compensate for the aft placed width paddlers will need a forwards paddling position, lifting the tail slightly in the process, and improving straight line efficiency. We thought this might affect stability somewhat, as there’s less foam upfront, but it’s not that noticeable as long as paddle strokes are efficient and regular. The arrow head nose also beds in and keeps the Motion planted and well mannered, even in chop!

Loco Motion 14ft fin configuration

A super comfy deck pad is underfoot, although a slightly thinner type would give more feel. As we understand it you can customise all Locos at point of order so worth tapping Mr Thwaites up if this is a requirement. That said your tootsies will love the stock pad’s comfort level.

So, fast on the straights and composed in chop/swell… The real magic of the Motion 14ft, however, lies in its manoeuvrability. With its wide point further back, and rounded pin in the mix, pivot turns are lightning fast and rewarding – anxious paddlers or those new to buoy turns will love its good manners. If there’s a wave in the mix the Motion surfs like a dream – so much so you forget you’re riding a 14ft pointy nosed sled. It’s possible to carve up and down if desired – another trait suited to surf style events. And if race comps aren’t on your radar then consider the Motion as a small wave sliding machine – summer swells have never looked so inviting…


Lightweight, robust and super versatile Loco’s Motion 14ft is a good example of SUP design mash ups. An efficient and competitive race SUP when driven from the front with ample rearward stability for newbie/anxious paddlers getting to grips with buoy turns. Take it for a spin in small surf and the rounded pin plays into the hands of wave paddlers, gifting riders a surprisingly carveable machine almost at odds with its 14ft of length. We should also mention the uber sexy fin supplied with the14ft – another tick in the box.

Thanks to Louis Kirchell for loaning us his 14ft Motion and making this write up possible.

Price: £1199 (also available in Premium carbon construction for £1499)


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