SUP: Primal taste – Primal Pantry paleo protein bars review

primal-pantry-logoAs with any sport if you want to be the top of your game then your engine (you) will need the correct fuel. Protein is one of the easiest ways to load up. Primal Pantry protein bars are a great way to get your fill of protein from a snack. Good for post event fuel/refuel ups SUPM recently tried the brand’s paleo protein mixed berries and cocoa orange flavours.

Paleo protein is a blend of Beef Protein Isolate 97 and Egg White Protein 80, both of which are ideal for supporting muscle growth or recovery. They’re both low in carbohydrates and fats and very much fit the ‘caveman’ style diet. Free from dairy and soy Primal Pantry’s paleo protein bars fit many dietary types and will suit those who are gluten or lactose intolerant.

But what about taste and flavour? After all Primal Pantry’s concoctions will be going in your mouth! Firstly it’s worth noting that each bit ‘feels’ substantial. Unfortunately many healthy eats are woefully unfulfilling, even if they do actually work to top you up. Primal Pantry bars actually give the sense of being a hearty snack which goes a long way to convincing your brain. Secondly the two flavours actually taste like they’re meant to. Again, with products such as this it’s all too easy to get the ‘real’ taste coming through which is never pleasant. Here both the cocoa orange and mixed berries choices are taste bud tantalising, although it was the latter that ticked more boxes for us.

Primal Pantry protein bars


We chomped our way through each bar after two sessions of lengthy paddling and found they gave us that little boost needed for the drive home. All in Primal Pantry’s paleo protein bars delivered what they set out to do and taste as described. Pleasant natural flavours make them a good choice for any SUPers needing an energy kick post-session or additional top up of protein during training.


£1.99 per 55g bar


Available from health stores , Ocado and Tesco. Visit for more details.

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