SUP surfing’s big heart – Starboard Wide Point 10.5ft x 32” x 178L 2017 review

Starboard’s 2017 Wide Point 10.5ft caught us a little off centre. On paper it’s at the larger end of the scale (although still only weighs 9.67 kg) but upon landing at SUPM Towers its surf pedigree is hard to miss. Everything about the 10.5ft’s profile suggests waves, just a scaled up version. Intrigued we didn’t have long to wait before putting it to the test.

During one of the swells of the winter, the Wide Point 10.5ft received a thorough run through. At first we were hesitant taking such a perceived hefty board into large waves but we needn’t have worried. Super stable, but without losing its playful feel, standing on the 10.5ft is child’s play. Its 17cm electro green centre fin and 4.5” thruster side bites cut through the brine efficiently helping with tracking – especially important when large walls of white water bear down. Ample nose rocker helps climbing said froth and its 32” width gives composure in the hairiest of situations.

Glide is good with a slight elevated paddling position and we have to commend Starboard’s carbon rail that deflects unwanted paddle chops, keeping the board looking spick and span. Bright blue Starlite construction and comfy textured deck grip make for a sweet paddling experience.

So what of the Wide Point 10.5ft’s surfing prowess? Well, we were knocked out by how manoeuvrable such a big board can be – whilst keeping its manners. There’s no skittish nature to the Wide Point. It glides effortlessly onto all types of wave face (critical or not) and allows riders (with skill) to perform most high level moves – cutbacks are a particular a joy! It doesn’t perhaps get quite as vertical as smaller boards but it’s pretty close! Take it into gutless weak mush and rewards aplenty, making it round sections and across flat spots without issue. Back in some juice and it’s cracking to whip into dredging walls, all the time avoiding pearling and delivering the most amount of fun you can have whilst wearing rubber!


Starboard’s Wide Point 10.5ft is a cracking board that just goes to show you don’t need uber small surf shapes to attain maximum performance in waves. All riders, whether progressing newbies or seasoned pros, will love the Wide Point’s carveability, manoeuvrability and lip whacking capabilities. Cutting back towards the pocket, utilising the board’s full rail, is awesome fun and bound to put a huge Cheshire cat grin on faces. Use as a one board quiver, step up shape or additional ride for junky or small days.

Price: £1169


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