Brave enough

Having met and connected with Jo Moseley through social media, I knew it was a story too good to miss. This story will bring you INSPIRATION and JOY. [...]

A natter with… Anni Ridsdill Smith

By Samantha Rutt of Barefoot SUP and FitnessPhotos: Geoff Mather, Jade Rogers Photography, SUPjunkie and Peter TranterInterview taken from the October 2020 SUP Mag UK [...]

Old sport… new sport

We were asked by SUPM, for our thoughts on how outrigger canoe (OC) and SUP complement each other. Being completely new at the OC, this is our take on it… [...]

Trent 100

If you want a feel-good team event that pushes your fun receptors to the limit, you should look no further than the Trent100. [...]

SUPport: verb

By Sarah Thornely (Supjunkie) To give encouragement to someone because you want him or her to succeed Having recently verbalised the support I have from my husband Antony [...]