white water SUP

WW SUP: Powered Up vs Low Brace

Words: Corran Addison. Photos: Christine Pinsonneault To say the debate rages about the advantages and disadvantages of running rapids ‘powered up’ with a vertical and [...]

Himalayan planet toppers

Story by April Zilg Photos by Ram Paranjape The Indian Himalayas are home to some of the roughest conditions in the world, but also some of the most beautiful. Nestled in [...]

SurfSUP Kon-O-Kwee

From 33 1/3 Media YMCA Camp Kon-O-Kwee Spencer lies on the shores of what is arguably the finest venue for whitewater paddleboard instruction in Pennsylvania.  [...]

Hurley Classic goes SUPX!

Berkshire’s Hurley Weir has been the white water domain of kayakers for a number of years. Each November boaters gather to do battle and put on a show for spectators [...]

Whitewater SUP – Gear overview

In part one of this series Ian Smith describes the new approach to WW SUP WW SUP series part two by Ian Smith ian@surfsupadventures.com  www.surfsupadventures.com  [...]

SUP styles survey

We’re looking for some feedback from you guys about the kind of stand up paddle boarding you mostly participate in. Get involved by answering the simply survey below. [...]