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The subtle art of balance


Corran Addison - the subtle art of balance
Words: Corran Addison Even if you do all of those things right, you’re going to swim. Sometimes the board is going to take a hit, or get bucked, harder than your ability to [...]

SUP: Standing up for rhinos


Standing up for rhinos
A team of South African and Zimbabwean adventurers has launched an ambitious project to become the first ever to attempt the rapids of the mighty Zambezi River on stand-up [...]

Offside switch stance


offside switch stance corran addison
Words: Corran Addison Photos: Christine Pinsonneault No matter how good you think you are, everyone is more off balance on their offside than their onside. This applies to [...]

Whitewater SUP – tactics for creeking

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WW SUP series part three by Ian Smith The recent emergence of stand up paddleboards [...]

Whitewater SUP – Gear overview


Whitewater SUP – Gear overview
In part one of this series Ian Smith describes the new approach to WW SUP WW SUP series part two by Ian Smith  [...]

Changing lanes – Joe Morley interview


Joe Morley SUPM interview
 Interview: Sup Mag UK There are so many synergies between stand up paddling and other sports it’s little wonder that athletes from disciplines outside of SUP are [...]

The endless wave – UK river SUP


UK river SUP Dave Adams
Words and photos: Dave Adams It all started with an idea while paddling my favourite standing wave in an old Jester surf kayak. Hours on end, carving back and forth on a tiny [...]