Tape ‘n’ save! – Rail Saver Pro tape review


Everybody needs a pimp looking sled and having the option to colourfully trick out your ride while adding some necessary protection is never a bad thing. It’s no secret that SUP paint jobs can suffer at the hands of overzealous paddle technique, resulting in annoying chips and scuffs. But this is where Rail Saver Pro tape comes in to stop that annoyance dead in its tracks.

Hailing from the sunnier climes of Barcelona, Spain, Rail Saver Pro is manufactured to look fantastic and give some necessary rail armour to your stick. Coming in a variety of colours, you’ll be able to match the exact hue and tone to your desired preference, mood or style – pin point customisation while saving the paint job of your SUP is bang on.

Easy to apply with its sticky back; a few short minutes will have your board rocking a roll ‘o’ tape and you heading out for your next sesh. You can then rest easy, peaceful in mind you’ll not be causing any further damage to your prized possession.

Even after giving the rails a good clunking the Rail Saver Pro tape stuck fast and deflected glancing blows. Inspection back at the beach revealed no marks, chips or dinks, making this a necessary piece of kit for your stand up paddle arsenal.

Accessory gear like Rail Saver Pro tape is often overlooked, yet something that keeps your sled in pristine conditions shouldn’t be. Awesome graphics/colourways and functionality make this a must have SUP product – pair with a paddle guard for even more protection.

Price: 41 Euros – 51 Euros

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