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It’s no secret the UK’s summer this year has been a decidedly blowy affair (generally) to date. And it’s understandable to think that when it puffs across your local spot all paddling is off. But wait! What you have in your possession is an incredibly versatile bit of kit. Of course the clue’s in the name – stand up paddle boarding. But simply wielding a blade is only part of the story.

Loco team rider Paul Monnington

Loco team rider Paul Monnigton getting all windSUP’d up! Pic: Ian Manuel Ross

Many SUPs, especially those produced by all round watersports companies, offer windsurf rig (sail, boom and mast) attachments. Suddenly what looked like a bad day for SUP has transformed into a good day for sail action.

OK, we appreciate there’s also downwinding, and this is also an area that many participate in when it’s blowing dogs off chains. The difference is that windSUP doesn’t have the same logistical headaches as downwind paddling. Having to organise transport at the end of your session, back upwind, can be tricky.

windSUP SUP Mag UK

If you’re looking to still get out on the brine when it’s breezy then windSUP could be a good paddling alternative for you. WindSUP is also another great wave of riding waves – especially when it’s breezy but not nuclear. There are many aficionados of wave riding windSUP style in the UK and many swear by it as a blowy alternative to SUP surfing.

For the low down on windSUP hit up our article: A good blow – to windSUP or not. And then check out some of the windSUP kit we’ve reviewed in the past.

Starboard’s Waterman Package

AHD’s Sealion 8.3ft

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  1. Excellent article. I would add that once you get the hang of the sail, it is much easier to catch the waves using the power of the sail and you can catch them much earlier too, so you get a longer ride. I have 2 WindSUP Boards and am completely hooked on them.

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