X–free! – McConks Go X-Wild 11’ x 32” x 6” white water SUP racing/touring board review.

Words: SUPM

Pics: Nick Kingston

A white water, river touring iSUP that’s perfectly applicable to any stretch of water? Yep, that’s pretty much what you get with McConks’ Go X-Wild sled. Manufactured in premium Dropstitch lay up it’s a durable and robust paddle machine that boasts distinct graphical livery. You can pretty much spot a McConks from a mile away these days.

But it’s not just for show. The deckpad is a grippy affair with a bunch of grab handles secured on deck. And a GoPro/action cam mount sits on the nose with a comfy carry handle rounding out the top side. Underneath and you’ve got the option of a bunch of different fin configs with the brand utilising both click fin FCS mounts and the more recognisable US box centre fin box.

Out afloat and it’s 32” width certainly feels stable. Many air boards tend to ‘give’ and bend according to the water state but fortunately the Go X-Wild is more sturdy than not. It’s pointy nose aids tracking and glide and for such a thick iSUP it feels pretty planted rather than high riding.

If you fancy journeying off somewhere the Go X-Wild will certainly accommodate with it being able to chomp miles without hassle. It’s a very comfy board to paddle as well making those day long or extended sojourns all the more pleasant. And should weather conditions turns nasty then fear not as the McConks is a confidence boosting platform that won’t let you down, instead spurring paddlers on to reach their destination.

We actually had a lot of fun testing the Go X-Wild. It’s an iSUP that you can chuck about and act the fool aboard. 180s, one footed paddling, upside down sweeping; whatever you consider to be worth having a bash at the McConks allows. And let’s be honest: it’s this goofing that helps develop riders and their paddling skills.


The McConks Go X Wild is one of the most fun inflatables we’ve tried from the Cotswolds based brand. It may have river leanings on paper but the board is ripe for any type of waterway you see fit. Touring, recreational paddling or just messing about on the brine the McConks Go X Wild is enjoyable to use with many paddlers no doubt finding favour with it. Well manufactured and durable to boot – what’s not to like?





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