Zhik Breathable PFD

PFDs are an essential part of a kit for those who participate in any watersports

By Jessica Ashley EoEPS

PFDs are an essential part of a kit for those who participate in any watersports, so it is essential that they fit well and are comfortable. And for those who partake in multiple watersports like myself, it is crucial to have a PFD that can be used for all disciplines, and the Zhik Breathable PFD does just that!

It is intended for a wide range of watersports and designed to be breathable and lightweight so that the user can hardly feel that they are wearing it when they are out on their adventure! The PFD fits well, has a lot of manoeuvrability, and is well thought out in the design so that it wouldn’t rub under the arms whilst paddling. 

The first thing that stood out was the colour. Designed with high visibility panelling and in a hi-vis yellow colour, this will stand out even in a low-light situation, and the user can be easily seen on the water, which is an important factor when on your adventures.

Initially, it looked quite simple and plain, but after having a good look, there is a large rear pocket which will fit a hydration pack and central drinking hose attachment, which would be perfect for those long paddles. There are also two mesh pockets on the front with elastic loops, so neatly tucked away, I did not notice them at first; they are perfectly sized for a smartphone. 

Trying the PFD on; it was pretty solid and hard to get over my head and body. However, once it was on, it did feel comfortable, and over time, this PFD would mould your body shape and not feel so stiff. The only downside is the single strap that tightens the PFD to the body. I found it very difficult to tighten it enough to feel like the PFD was secure, and even with help, it was quite a struggle to tighten it.  

Overall, this Zhik PFD is very smart with all the hidden features, such as the mesh pockets and rear pocket for the hydration pack. It appeals to those people like me that this PFD is intended for those who love the water and partake in many different types of watersports.

Price: £139.00

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