New mid-season Fanatic SUP shapes

Fanatic SUP International are releasing a plethora of brand new mid-season stand up paddle board shapes for your sweeping pleasure, and all are looking pretty sweet if you ask us.

New toys include:

Yoga Island/Fly Air Fit
Stubby Air/Stubby
Rapid Air
Diamond Air/Diamond Pure – female specific
Check out the gallery below for visuals of each board then head over to for further details.
Airton_Stubby_Maui@FishBowlDiaries_Fanatic-_PAU9137 Airton_StubbyAir_Lifestyle_Maui@FishBowlDiaries_Fanatic-_PAV6090 Airton_StubbyAir_Maui@FishBowlDiaries_Fanatic-_PAU8288 Airton_StubbyLTD_Maui@JohnCarter_Fanatic-F16_SUP_DY8_D1_7888 Alice_Bea_Diamond_DiamondAir_4048_CMYK Alice_Diamond_Maui@FishBowlDiaries_Fanatic-_PAU8003 Alice_Diamond_Maui@FishBowlDiaries_Fanatic-_PAU9190 Alice_Diamond_Maui@JohnCarter_Fanatic-F16_WS_DY7_D2_3956 Arthur_Maria_Alice_Kirsty_FlyAirFit_France@JeanSouville_Fanatic-IMG_3679_CMYK Eva_DiamondAir_Maui@FishBowlDiaries_Fanatic-_PAU8038_cmyk Kai_StubbyLTD_Airton_StubbyAir_Maui@FishBowlDiaries_Fanatic-_PAV6571 Kirsty_FlyAirFit_France@JeanSouville_Fanatic-876A2454_CMYK Kirsty_FlyAirFit_France@JeanSouville_Fanatic-IMG_2400_CMYK Kirsty_FlyAirFit_France@JeanSouville_Fanatic-IMG_2428_CMYK Valentin_RapidAir_Germany-FANATIC©SebastianSchöffel-57054 Valentin_RapidAir_Germany-FANATIC©SebastianSchöffel-57173
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