Laid back style – Melon Optics Layback Zephyr sunnies review

Melon Optics Layback Zephyr sunnies

Any keen paddler needs a good pair of shades in his/her kit bag. Whether cruising on the flat, in the glare of the sun, chilling at the beach post SUP sesh or readying yourself for that surf, they’re an essential stand up paddling piece of apparel.

Melon Optics are a UK based sunglasses company who deliver stylish ray protectors that are perfectly suited to your sweeping lifestyle. Coming with Polarised lenses that give super clear 20/20 sharp vision, the Layback Zephyr model supplied looks pretty distinctive in mint green and white with matching lenses.

Fitting snug to your bonce, they’re fine for a bit of flatty paddling action – although we’d recommend you add some form of tether, just in case you end up in the drink. Some sunnies do tend to let light in around the edges of the frames, but not Melons. These babies do a storming job of protecting your eyeballs from harmful UV.

Having done your sweeping for the day, Melon Optics are then perfectly apt for strutting round town or quaffing a few cold ones in celebration of a great session. You’ll no doubt look the bomb rocking these frames. And it’s a great feeling donning something slightly unique and more boutique than mass market sunglasses.

We love UK based brands and Melon Optics deliver awesome products that are both stylish and functional. The brand’s Layback Zephyr model we tried fit well and offer super sharp focus through Polarised lenses. Melon offer loads of different colourways and you’ll be rocking these bad boys all summer.

Price: £27.50


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